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Mantis Quarterly launches e-commerce site, Mantis Boxing Conference DVDs available

The North American Mantis Boxing Conference DVD is ready for distribution and is featured on our new e-commerce site.
Click here to view a video preview of the conference DVD.

Along with the conference four-DVD set, we offer a selection of both new and rare books on Mantis Boxing. The rare books are limited in number and once sold may not be available for some time. If you are a collector of rare books or a practitioner of Tanglang who is interested in vintage references on the art, be sure to visit the site. New items will be added, so check back often.

The Mantis Quarterly newsletter
Mantis Quarterly is the voice of the international Mantis Boxing community. In Mantis Quarterly, teachers of every branch and family of the art share their knowledge and experience, making it an invaluable resource for the student and instructor. Currently, Mantis Quarterly is being sent to 14 countries, making it one of the most widely distributed print Gongfu newsletters in the world. Read a description of the articles from the first volume, the second volume, the third volume, and the fourth volume and download a copy of the first issue.

Mantis Quarterly Gallery page
Members of the Mantis Boxing community have been submitting photos and historically significant documents to Mantis Quarterly since it began publishing four years ago, and Mantis Quarterly has opened photo and video gallery pages to make them available to the Mantis Boxing community at large. We invite any members of the Mantis community who are interested in sharing items to submit them to

Mantis Quarterly Tanglang forum
The forum is highly moderated, eliminating the negative and discussion-inhibiting activities often encountered in other forums. It features the state-of-the-art Jelsoft software vBulletin 3.0.9, making communication easier and offering a variety of new options for members. For everyone from the new student of Mantis Boxing to the instructor, it offers a welcoming community of practitioners with whom to connect and learn more about the art we study and the people who practice it. Visit the forum.

Visit links to other Mantis sites
We have added a links page for Mantis Boxing Web sites. If you would like to have your site included in our listings, please email us at

Subscribing to Mantis Quarterly
Mantis Quarterly is currently being distributed only through schools. Individual subscriptions are planned for the future. We are very interested in hearing from school instructors who want to join the growing community of Tanglang practitioners who are sharing information on the history, technique and theory of this fascinating art.

Individuals interested in subscribing to the newsletter who are not currently affiliated with a school should e-mail us at When individual subscriptions are available, current and back issues can be provided.

For more information about Mantis Quarterly, e-mail